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Blepharoplasty-Eyelid Lift North Miami, FL

Eyelid Surgeries

The eyes are the windows of the soul,” and also one of the first places that we see aging. Some patients develop bags and loose skin on their eyelids as they age. Other patients experience eyebrow lowering and develop droopy upper eyelids due to weakness or separation of the upper eyelid lifting muscle over time. These changes often lead to a tired appearance, despite attempts to relax and rejuvenate. Dr. White’s approach to eyelid lift surgery is to address both functional and cosmetic components to achieve a natural, balanced, and refreshed look.

Who is a good candidate for an eyelid lift (blepharoplasty)?

When considering this surgery, an ideal candidate would be experiencing the following:

  • An excess of crepe-like skin on upper or lower eyelids
  • A puffy appearance to the eyelids
  • Upper eyelids droop downwards and block vision
  • No significant history of dry eyes or problems with tear ducts.

The next necessary step is question how the blepharoplasty is performed.

How is the surgery performed?

Upper eyelid surgery is performed via an external incision that removes excess skin. This scar heals very well and tends to blend as if it were a thin lid crease. A small amount of skin is often removed simultaneously in areas that are bulging, while leaving enough fat behind to prevent a hollowed out appearance. If the eyelid lifting muscle is elongated to the point of blocking vision, Dr. White can shorten the muscle and restore functionality to the eyelid.

Lower eyelid surgery can be performed via an external incision to remove a small amount of excess skin and herniating fat. This scar is very well hidden beneath the eyelashes. If the patient does not have much excess skin and the problem revolves more around areas of fat bulging, surgery can be performed in a manner in which the access point is hidden behind the eyelid. This minimally invasive method essentially results in a scarless surgery!

In your consultation with Dr. White, he will complete a personalized evaluation of your eyelid and brow area and discuss all of these options to help you decide on what is the optimal approach for you. Contact the best team for your blepharoplasty today: (305) 697-5901.

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