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Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

While breast augmentation is safe and provides instantaneous results, sometimes surgery or healing do not proceed as planned. Some of the most common reasons for women to seek revision breast augmentation are:

  • There is a desire to change breast implant size
  • There is a desire to change breast implant type (usually saline to silicone)
  • A capsular contracture has developed
  • There is breast asymmetry

It is important to know that there are risks to any surgery, but rest assured that to every problem, there is a solution.

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery North Miami, FL


Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery North Miami, FL


What is capsular contracture?

Every breast implant develops some form of a capsule lining around it after insertion. This is the body’s way of walling off a foreign object. Capsular contracture is when this lining begins to get hard and tight around the implant and often leads to a very unnatural appearance to the breasts in which the implant circular shape is outlined and can become raised or displaced on the chest wall. In the worst case, the capsule can even lead to pain, but this is much more rare.

What can be done to lower my risk of capsular contracture with silicone implants?

Because capsular contracture is related to a low grade infection that does not require treatment with antibiotics, the most important thing to start with is sterile technique. Dr. White uses a “no touch” technique, in addition, in which he uses a Keller funnel to place the implant into the breast pocket after bathing it in antibiotic solution without anyone ever touching the implant even with gloves. This technique also enables Dr. White to place silicone implants through smaller incisions than would otherwise be required without use of the funnel. In addition, placement of the implant underneath the muscle, at least in part, has been shown to decrease the risk of capsular contracture.

I have developed a capsular contracture, so now what do I do? Do I need revision surgery?

If you are just beginning to notice the signs of capsular contracture develop, sometimes massage of the breast implant along with taking certain medications may help to lessen this process. If you have already developed a deformity related to a capsule, you have the choice to either leave the issue alone if it doesn’t bother you, of perform revision surgery. Revision surgery may involve open capsulotomy, which is breaking up the capsule into pieces, capsulectomy, which is partial or complete removal of the capsule lining, breast implant pocket exchange from subglandular to submuscular pockets, or change to a different implant. In certain cases, Dr. White has found it necessary to use a special skin material in which the cells have been removed, such as Alloderm or Strattice, to break up the capsule and support the implant. Dr. White has published that, with this technique, recurrence of capsular contracture is significantly diminished in even some of the most challenging cases!

What is revision breast augmentation with acellular dermal matrix (Alloderm, Strattice, etc…)?

Dr. White has shown in the medical literature that these products can be used to decrease the recurrence rate of capsular contracture in difficult cases. This product also acts as a sling to support the implant from bottoming out or to repair severe cases in which the breast implant is no longer sitting in the right location on the chest wall. This procedure is more expensive due to the cost of the materials, but when factoring in the decreased risk of revision surgery, this can lead to a huge cost and time savings in the long run.

What is the price of revision breast augmentation?

Because revision breast augmentation tends to be more complex, prices reflect accordingly. The typical range for revision breast augmentation cost is $6500 – $10,500, including facility, surgeon, implant, and anesthesia fees.

Learn more about revision breast augmentation in North Miami

Dr. White has patients from North Miami and around the world who come to him for his expertise in revision breast augmentation. If you feel that you are a candidate for breast augmentation, please contact Dr. White and our staff to schedule your personal, very thorough revision breast augmentation consultation.

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