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Abdominoplasty-Tummy Tuck

 Abdominoplasty-Tummy Tuck North Miami, FL

A common concern for cosmetic surgery patients, and a legitimate one, is that of loose, hanging skin on the front of the abdomen. This issue can easily be eradicated with the use of an abdominoplasty, also called a tummy tuck. The condition of this loose skin usually occurs either…

  • When someone has lost a significant amount of weight, or
  • Post-pregnancy

The procedure of a tummy tuck removes the excess, unwanted skin and abdominal fat to restore a flat contour to the tummy area. When indicated, this surgery can also repair or narrow the gap between the abdominal muscles, which is a common result of pregnancy. The belly button is moved to a new, natural appearing location.

Mini-Tummy Tuck

This surgery, a mini-tummy tuck, is utilized in cases where the patient only has loose skin present in the lower portion of the abdomen. This procedure requires less surgical dissection and might not require movement of the belly button. In either this or a more traditional scenario, an initial consultation will help you and your surgeon decide which procedure is best for your needs.

After the Abdominoplasty

After the surgery, patients can expect a life and body they’re more comfortable with. Aesthetically, the visibility of the surgery scars is minimal. The resulting abdominoplasty scar, for example, can be low enough on the abdomen to be hidden well. A tummy tuck alone, or sometimes in conjunction with liposuction, can help patients to achieve that hour-glass, bikini-ready figure they’ve been longing for. Contact Dr. White and his Arc Plastic Surgery team at (305) 697-5901.

Should I be concerned about the tummy tuck scar?

The scar from an abdominoplasty is designed to hide well in the bikini line. Once the surgical wound has healed, we advise patients to apply silicone gel to the scar twice daily for 3 months to improve the scar color and prevent it from thickening.

Will abdominoplasty fix my umbilical hernia?

Abdominoplasty surgery can help to fix small umbilical hernias. This is accomplished by repairing the widening of your abdominal muscle covering (fascia), which is often caused by carrying multiple pregnancies.

What is a “mini tummy tuck?”

Mini tummy tuck surgery is ideal for people who have loose skin present only in the lower portion of the abdomen. This requires less surgical dissection and might not require movement of the belly button.

How hard is the recovery process after abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty surgery involves tightening your stomach muscles and skin so your stomach will feel tight for a few weeks. During the first two weeks, we ask our patients to refrain from any lifting greater than 5 pounds and to avoid straining. This will give your body the chance to heal and minimize the chance that you might pop one of your tightening sutures.

If I have a tummy tuck and then have another pregnancy, will I need another abdominoplasty?

This answer to this question is impossible to predict. Some women’s bodies just bounce back after pregnancy while others are less fortunate. Having another pregnancy that will stretch your abdominal muscles and skin again does carry with it the risk of a need to repeat the abdominoplasty procedure. 

Will abdominoplasty get rid of my stretch marks?

Yes, abdominoplasty is great for getting rid of stretch marks, but only in the lower portion of the abdomen below the belly button. This method for removing stretch marks is tried and true!

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