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While a tummy tuck removes excess skin from the front of the belly, it does not address the lower back area. After weight loss and / or aging, some people develop excess skin in the lower back area and the buttocks begin to sag. Due to this, patients often seek out a remedy in the lower body lift procedure.

How It Works

The lower body lift removes the excess skin from the front of the belly and lower back areas, leading to a smooth contour and lifted buttocks. Sometimes this fat from the lower back area can be transferred into the buttocks while maintaining its own blood supply.

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If you are interested in one of the lower body lifts Miami has to offer, call ARC Plastic Surgery to schedule an evaluation and speak with our double board-certified plastic surgeon to determine whether the procedure is right for you. We serve patients across the planet, but if you live in the Miami area, including the communities of Hollywood, FL and Aventura, our office is in your area and you have direct access to a highly-respected double-board certified surgeon with Dr. Jeremy White.


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