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Plastic Surgeon Hollywood

Dr. Jeremy White, a renowned Hollywood plastic surgeon, is one of the very few in the entire nation to have been double board certified in the fields of plastic surgery and otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery, making him a highly learned, diverse surgeon to undertake any procedure you require. With experience in plastic surgery including breast augmentation, breast reduction, and rhinoplasty, clients from across the globe seek his services to ensure the very best surgery is performed correctly the first time. As a Hollywood FL plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeremy White outperforms many in the field.

Facial Rejuvenation

As a world-renowned facial plastic surgeon Hollywood FL, Dr. White uses multiple techniques and approaches to ensure the very best results for his patients undergoing facial rejuvenation surgery, a highly popular procedure.

In order to restore facial fullness and a youthful appearance, many women seek out plastic surgery options. Botox and Dysport are excellent options to soften those pesky wrinkles and remove crow’s feet from near the eyes. Combined with face lift and neck lift surgery, non-invasive facial rejuvenation with Botox and fillers leads to a younger and smoother face, while maintaining a natural appearance.


The other specialty Dr. White is known for is rhinoplasty, which focuses on the nose itself. For the most part, many who undergo rhinoplasty surgery are simply looking to make their nose either smaller for the sake of appearance or more function to breath deeper and more efficiently. When it comes to shrinking the overall size of the nose, many will begin to experience breathing issues due to the internal passages shrinking, too. To combat this, a few plastic surgery techniques are generally utilized, such as septoplasty, turbinate reduction, and functional rhinoplasty. This surgery helps straighten the nose and open the nasal cavity to allow more air moving inwards.

If you feel that you would be a perfect candidate for our plastic surgery Hollywood FL, please call Dr. White and the rest of our staff today to schedule an appointment. We can be reached at 305-697-5901.


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