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Breast reduction

Some women have large breasts that lead to the development of neck and back pain due to the excess breast weight. Other manifestations can be bra shoulder strap grooves or recurrent irritation or infections underneath the breasts due to breast weight and skin-to-skin contact, respectively. Breast reduction surgery can help to reshape, lift, and reduce the weight of the breasts to enable patients to lead more active lifestyles. Most women in this situation who undergo this procedure wish that they had done it sooner!

Will I have a scar and, if so, what are my options?

All traditional breast reduction patterns leave a scar on the breast. Thankfully, these scars tend to fade with time and the results are well worth it! Women often achieve an improved body image, decreased back and neck pain, and can lead a more active lifestyle once they have had some of the weight burden relived. There are two major scar patterns that result from breast reduction: a vertical pattern and a scar, a vertical breast reduction allows for breast skin and gland removal that leaves a lollipop shaped scar. This type of reduction is excellent for moderately large breasts that are not extremely wide. For wider, larger breasts, either a “T” shaped or an anchor shaped (Wise pattern) scar is often necessary to achieve a safe and effective partial breast gland removal while optimizing breast shape. In addition to these breast gland and fat reduction techniques, liposuction can often be helpful to achieve a pleasing contour to the lateral (outer) part of the breast and under the armpits.

Patient Reviews

“Dr White was a breath of fresh air and he definitely knows his stuff. He is up to date on all new procedures and is a perfectionist and I am grateful for making me and my breast very happy.. I received a lift and some bra fat liposuction and some injections in my face. I am a patient for life Dr. White and Rachel haven’t seen the last of me. :o)”

“I AM IN LOVE WITH MY DOCTOR!!!!! Dr. White is amazing. For years I suffered with back pains and bra issues due to my big breast. I never thought the day would come when I look in the mirror and be happy in my skin. Dr White made my dreams come true. He is so informative and passionate about his craft. He made me feel so safe and comfortable. At the hospital I was so nervous but as soon as my doctor walked in with a big smile on his face I was at ease. My surgery was done at Memorial South and I was really impressed, everyone was so friendly and professional. I was assured that my doctor was one of the best and the amount of respect the employees had for my doctor was apparent. After the surgery i was admitted to the hospital for an overnight stay my doctor spoke to me Over the phone and checked on me the next day. His level of professionalism and compassion is over the charts. Overall i had an amazing experience and I recommend Dr. White to everyone HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!”

“He can be summed up into one word: Amazing. He is incredibly professional and will make you feel at ease within the first few minutes of meeting him. He also LISTENS to his patients. He allows himself to be available for post-op phone calls, even after 5pm and on weekends! This was a big deal for me, and he made the process much less stressful by guiding me along. Dr. White is a gem. What else can I say?”

“Where do I start with how impressed I am?! His staff are rock stars and he is incredibly gentle, reassuring, and knowledgable. Go see this doctor!”

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