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Breast Augmentation

I want to get breast implants. What size do you think that is not to small or too big?

I had reconstructive surgery with silicone breast implants 20 years ago. Should they be replaced?

What causes Tuberous Breasts? What can be done about it?

Breast Reduction

What is a breast reduction?

How noticeable are scars from a breast reduction?

How long does swelling last after a breast reduction?

Am I too young for breast reduction? (I’m 17)

Breast Lift

Is breast lift a very common procedure?


I have recently had a septoplasty to correct a breathing problem in my right nostril. That well and the left was fine. Now it’s the complete opposite!

Why is nasal septum surgery performed and what happens during the procedure?

Can you have rhinoplasty if you are 15?

Other Face Procedures

What are the risks and benefits of septoplasty?

What is deviated nasal septum surgery?

Tummy Tuck

What are successful ways to diminish stretch marks?

Do tummy tucks hurt? Is it worth it to remove my stretch marks?


Is it true that a nasal filler can move out of place and get inside the body, causing problems?


What is Botox?

Is botox into the eye muscle possible to correct a small squint?

My dermatologist recommended Dysport for deep forehead wrinkles, but I heard that could make my eyebrow droop?

Will Dysport immediately smooth my wrinkles?

Is there any downtime after Dysport injections? Can I have Dysport injections on my lunch hour and then go right back to work?

It has only been 2.5 months since my last Botox session, but I have an event 6-8 weeks from now and I think i’m getting some movement back!


What do you think of plastic surgery for weight loss?

Thigh Lift

What is the difference between a thigh lift and liposuction?


What is Abdominoplasty?


What is Blepharoplasty?

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