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Have you ever wondered why your neck does not seem to be well defined? Perhaps you have always noticed that you have a small chin… Chin implant and augmentation procedures are particularly helpful to enhance the facial profile and to establish harmony with other facial features. It is also an excellent adjunct to rhinoplasty- for the right person! Dr. White has published about chin implant surgery in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal and would be happy to assess your candidacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Surgical options?

Can I receive a facial implant in conjunction with other cosmetic surgeries?

Do facial implants hurt? What is the recovery like?

Whichever Chin Procedure You Go With

Chin implants and/or augmentation at ARC Plastic Surgery make it possible to enhance your appearance and eliminate signs of premature aging that undermine self confidence. By changing how you look, facial plastic surgery can improve your self image. Contact our team today.

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