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Breast Procedures North Miami, FL

Different Breast Procedures Offered at ARC Plastic Surgery

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery involves placing saline or silicone prosthesis under the breast tissue and often underneath the chest muscle. This can help to improve upper breast fullness and can provide a minor lift to drooping breasts. Now is a very exciting time for cosmetic breast surgery because silicone implants have been proven to be safe and are back on the market. There are also new anatomic, tear-drop shaped implants available!

Mastopexy (breast lift)

A breast lift, the breast procedure called a mastopexy, involves tightening of the breast skin envelope and often lifting the nipple. For women that are not new to cosmetic breast surgery, Dr. White has had considerable experience with revision breast surgery and has written about novel surgical techniques in the cosmetic breast surgery literature.

Breast Reduction

Some women have large breasts that lead to the development of neck and back pain due to the excess breast weight. Breast reduction surgery can help to reshape and reduce the weight of the breasts to enable patients to lead more active lifestyles. Most women in this situation who undergo this breast procedure wish that they had done it sooner!

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