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Gluteoplasty-Butt Lift

Gluteoplasty-Butt Lift North Miami, FL
Particularly here in South Florida, a lot of patients want to improve the curves on the backside and want more curves on each buttock. When you consider the fashion trend of tightly fitting clothing, workout pants, and thong bikinis, it is no wonder why the butt lift procedure has gained so much attention!

Types of Gluteoplasty

There are two major ways to enhance the buttock aesthetics: buttock implants and the Brazilian butt lift. Buttock implants are silicone implants that are placed either above or below the buttock muscle to fill out the soft tissue envelope to enlarge and add shape to the buttocks. Unfortunately, implants are not always lifetime devices.

The Brazilian butt lift, however, uses your own fat tissue to achieve this same augmentation in a more natural way. The procedure first requires liposuction to harvest fat and contour the sections around the waist, buttocks, and thighs. The fat cells are then separated from other body fluids and re-injected into key areas of the buttocks in a layered, minimally-invasive fashion. This provides patients with a long lasting buttock enhancement and body contouring procedure to look fabulous whether on the beach or in tight jeans! Not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure, however, especially if you do not have enough fat on your body to redistribute.

Talk to The Right Cosmetic Team

If you’re thinking of proceeding with either of these augmentation procedures, make sure to choose the right team to help you. Call Dr. Jeremy White at ARC Plastic Surgery for the best care in your gluteoplasty. (305) 697-5901.

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