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Primary Rhinoplasty (Nasal Sculpting) Surgery in Miami

Primary Rhinoplasty Surgery MiamiRhinoplasty, which is sometimes referred to as a nose job, is a type of plastic surgery procedure involving the reshaping of the nose for functional or cosmetic reasons. In terms of functionality, some patients undergo primary rhinoplasty surgery in an effort to improve their nasal breathing. Primary rhinoplasty refers to the first-time procedure that patients undergo. Secondary rhinoplasty indicates that a patient has already undergone a previous rhinoplasty surgery in the past. These procedures are typically more complicated than primary rhinoplasty surgeries because Dr. White has to deal with scar tissue and healing problems from a previous surgery.

Cost of Rhinoplasty

Currently, the average cost for primary rhinoplasty is $4,964, according to previous statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. However, this price does not include additional costs such as anesthesia and facility fees that are necessary to do the surgery in a controlled and pain free manner. The actual price for the procedure will vary depending on a variety of factors including whether the surgery is a primary or revision surgery, how much work needs to be done, how complex the operation will be, and how much time under anesthesia the surgery will take. The usual range in $5,000 to $15,000, in which the highest costs are for the most complicated revision surgeries and those lowest costs are for the most minimal primary surgeries.Rhinoplasty surgery, when done properly to obtain a long-lasting result, involves a lot more than just shaving down a bump and Dr. White will explain all of the complexities of your operation in your consultation. If cost is a limiting factor, ARC Plastic Surgery offers a number of financing options.

Goals of Rhinoplasty

In terms of functionality, the goal of primary rhinoplasty is to ensure that the patient is capable of clear and easy breathing. Regarding cosmetic reasons, there are plenty. Through aging, trauma, or birth defects, many patients feel less than confident because of their facial features and appearance. Trauma can cause bumps, cuts, or depression on the nose that can be permanent. With cosmetic rhinoplasty, these blemishes can be removed completely from the face for good, offering a more youthful and beautiful appearance.

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