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Enhance Curves with Gluteoplasty

Gluteoplasty, commonly known as a butt lift, is a plastic surgery procedure designed to lift and tighten the buttocks to make them appear more attractive and youthful. This procedure involves the removal of excess loose skin and repositioning the surrounding tissue to provide an enhanced body contour.

The most popular form of gluteoplasty surgery involves fat transplantation. Also known as a Brazilian butt lift, it involves injecting a patient’s own fat into the buttocks to add volume and achieve a lifting effect. Fat is collected from the hips, thighs, or back through liposuction. The fat is then purified and transferred to the buttocks region. With the combination of losing the fat from the hips, thighs, and surrounding region with liposuction, and processing and adding that fat directly back in to the buttocks area, makes for an overall reshape and enhancement of the buttocks region.

The cosmetic result is that everything around the buttock looks smaller from fat being removed and the buttock itself being plumped out from a rounded fat placement.  The result is a more youthful and bouncy look.  The fat that has been removed with liposuction is gone from the body for good and at least some of the transplanted fat will take hold to the buttocks and stay there.

A more permanent alternative to the fat transfer method of the Brazilian butt lift is the placement of a silicon buttock implant. This is a much riskier procedure as there are common complications from buttock implant surgery such as swelling, shifting of the implant, or infection due to the proximity to the rump. Implants are sometimes suggested for women who do not have ample fat for a transfer but still insist on enhancing their buttocks.

Implants are generally round; for women with longer buttocks they can be oval shaped. The implants are placed through incisions made in the buttock crease and under the skin or muscle wall of the buttocks. Gluteal implants do have a high rate of complication and most plastic surgeons have a preference for the Brazilian butt lift fat transfer method.

After a gluteoplasty, most patients experience mild discomfort, particularly when sitting, for several weeks. Most can safely return to work after one to two weeks. It is recommended to not remain in a sitting position for very long for a period of about one month in order to prevent complications, especially in the case of fat transfer. Excessive physical activity should also be avoided for a few weeks.

The best candidates for gluteal augmentation with solid-silicone implants are those who are normal-weight and desire more fullness in the gluteal region because they lack central projection. They should have ample soft tissue to provide durable coverage of the implant. ARC Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Jeremy White, a plastic surgeon in Miami, will hold an initial consultation to discuss the procedure and the options available to each patient. Cosmetic surgery Ft. Lauderdale surgeons will work to provide the best possible results to everyone.

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