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Reshape, Lift, and Reduce

have a more active, confident lifestyle

Some women have large, excessively heavy breasts that lead to a painful neck and back stress.

Grooves can develop in the shoulders from bra strap pressure, and irritation or infections can occur beneath the breasts due to the weight and constant skin-to-skin contact and rubbing. Some women just have trouble finding a bra or even clothing that fits properly due to their large breasts.

Others have found that their large breast size makes it impossible for them to play sports or perform certain exercises. Our Miami breast reduction can help to reshape, lift, and reduce the weight of the breasts, making it possible to have a more active, confident lifestyle. Most women in this situation who undergo this procedure wish they had done it sooner!

How is a breast reduction performed?

achieve a smaller breast size

Many people know how breast implants are placed, but what about breast reduction? Dr. White uses a newer technique in breast reduction that keeps the breast tissue at the top of the breast, repositions it, and removes the sagging tissue at the bottom that is causing the breast to droop. This method results in more fullness in the upper portion of the breast and a longer-lasting lift. The procedure allows women to achieve a smaller breast size without the droopiness that can sometimes occur after breast reduction surgery.

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Breast Reduction Process

move forward with a breast reduction in Miami

The first step is to decide that you are ready to move forward with a breast reduction in Miami. You will call our office and schedule an appointment to come in and discuss your cosmetic goals, symptoms, and any questions that you may have. We will then schedule your procedure. The morning of the procedure you will check-in, and be prepped for surgery. We will place you under anesthesia so the experience is pain-free. You will be closely monitored throughout the entire procedure. After the surgery is completed, you will rest in the recovery suite. You will need to arrange a ride home after your procedure, and we will schedule a follow-up visit to monitor your progress.

Breast Reduction Cost

afford the procedure, and gain the benefits

The cost of a breast reduction in Miami varies, based upon each individual patient’s needs. We like to be accurate whenever we provide patients with estimates, and we urge you to come in for an initial consultation so we can give you an accurate figure. Typically, breast reduction surgery can cost in the range of $5,500 to $8,500. We understand that the cost may stretch your budget, which is why we provide financing options so that you can afford the procedure, and gain the benefits.

Patient Testimonial

What our clients have to say…

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Learn more about Breast Reduction Surgery & your options

questions or concerns

We understand that you may have many questions or concerns about breast reduction surgery. Our team in Miami is here to provide you with all of the information you may need to make an informed decision.

Dr. White has extensive experience in breast reduction surgery for a wide range of patients with various breast problems that need to be resolved. We are dedicated to providing each person we treat with an exceptional level of care and attention, from start to finish. If you are unhappy with the size and weight of your breasts, please contact Dr. White and our ARC Plastic Surgery staff to schedule your breast reduction consultation.

Patient Testimonials

What our clients have to say…

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I AM IN LOVE WITH MY DOCTOR!!!!! Dr. White is amazing. For years I suffered with back pains and bra issues due to my big breast. I never thought the day would come when I look in the mirror and be happy in my skin. Dr White made my dreams come true. He is so informative and passionate about his craft. He made me feel so safe and comfortable. At the hospital I was so nervous but as soon as my doctor walked in with a big smile on his face I was at ease. My surgery was done at Memorial South and I was really impressed, everyone was so friendly and professional. I was assured that my doctor was one of the best and the amount of respect the employees had for my doctor was apparent. After the surgery i was admitted to the hospital for an overnight stay my doctor spoke to me Over the phone and checked on me the next day. His leve; of professionalism and compassion is over the charts. also behind every successful doctor there is a powerhouse putting everything together and thats Mrs. Rachel. She is on top of her job, she goes over and beyond and I appreciate her so much. She answered all my questions and even sent emails to my job without any issues. Overall i had an amazing experience and I recommend Dr. White to everyone HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently had a breast lift and breast reduction in the Miami office of Dr. Jeremy White. The whole process from consultation to procedure day was a wonderful experience. Dr. White was able to fulfill my lifelong dream of reducing and lifting my breasts. I always wanted to reduce the size of my breasts to be more in proportion to my body. And as I have aged it became apparent that a breast lift would also be beneficial. Dr. White explained in detail how he would help me achieve my lifelong dream. And I am more than excited about the outcome. Friends who have not seen me for a while have noticed the change and agreed that I look wonderful. I feel amazing and blessed to have found Dr. White. He and his staff are outstanding and I would not hesitate to recommend him.
-Andrea Citrin

I have to say, having Dr. Jermy White as a Doctor was the best decision I could have made. The staff was amazing, patient , helpful and most of all made me feel great even in the most stressful situations. My surgery went great! I am so happy with my results. I love how from day one everyone including Dr. White took the time to make sure everything was okay with me and answered any and every question I had up until the day of. If I had to do it again i’d Choose Dr. White over and over again. The reviews about him are true. He is amazing and one of a kind. Om my God, Rachel was absolutely amazing !!!!!!!!!! She was truly such a big help! She did everything in her power to make sure this surgery took place. She heard all my tears, laughter and doubts but not once was she ever doubtful. She gave me nothing but positive energy. She is the best!!!!!
-Myriam Celestin

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All traditional breast reduction patterns leave a scar on the breast. Thankfully, these scars tend to fade with time, and the results are well worth it. Women often achieve an improved body image and decreased back and neck pain, and they can lead a more active lifestyle when the breasts are reduced to a lovely, more normal size and shape.

There are two major scar patterns that result from breast reduction: a vertical pattern and a “T” or anchor-shaped scar. A vertical breast reduction allows for breast skin and tissue removal that leaves a lollipop-shaped scar. This type of reduction is excellent for moderately large breasts that are not extremely wide. For wider, larger breasts that need a higher lift, either a "T" shaped or an anchor-shaped (Wise pattern) scar is often necessary to achieve a safe and effective partial breast gland removal while optimizing a natural breast shape. In addition to these breast gland and fat reduction techniques, liposuction can often be helpful to achieve a pleasing contour to the lateral (outer) part of the breast and under the armpits.

If pain due to the size of your breasts is impacting your daily life, or you feel that your breasts are disproportionately large and creating an unbalanced look, you are probably a candidate for breast reduction surgery. If you have any medical conditions, you need to speak with our doctor to ensure that we take the correct precautions prior to, during, and after your surgery.

You may be asked to cease certain medications or supplements, including blood thinners, for at least 7 days before your procedure, which will be coordinated with your physician. Breastfeeding women need to wait at least 3 months after breastfeeding has stopped before scheduling surgery. If you have a specific question about whether you are a good candidate for breast reduction, the best way to get answers is to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation.

After your surgery, you will need to schedule some time off from work to heal and rest. In the first two weeks, you will have some pain, swelling, and bruising. However, most patients can return to work after 7 to 10 days. You will be restricted from lifting for 2 weeks, as this puts strain on the incisions. Depending on what your job entails, you may need to request time off, or reduced activities during this period. After the initial first few weeks, most people report just mild discomfort or pain with exertion that can be controlled with over-the-counter pain medication. You will check in with your doctor throughout the healing process to ensure it is moving ahead as it should, with no complications.

Just like any surgical procedure, there are risks that you should understand prior to the procedure. All surgical procedures involve the risk of bleeding, infection, or reaction to any of the medications or anesthetics. To assist in minimizing the risks, we ensure that we have reviewed your entire medical history prior to surgery. Our surgical rooms are kept absolutely sterile, and we utilize the most modern equipment to assist in keeping every patient safe and healthy. Dr. White delivers arguably the safest breast reductions Miami has to offer.

Your new life starts here

If you’re considering plastic surgery in Miami, Aventura or Fort Lauderdale, choosing the right plastic surgeon could not be more important. Dr. Jeremy White is the recipient of many honors and awards, including the 2021 Doctor’s Choice Award Miami, the 2016 RealSelf Top 500, and the prestigious Castle Connolly Top Doctors Award Winner since 2017. We invite you to have a consultation about the procedure you need. Schedule your consultation today.

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