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In terms of bettering a child’s life, oftentimes parents will consider having an ear molding procedure done to correct an ear deformity while the child is in infancy. This non-surgical procedure performed by a cosmetic physician can lead to a better life for the child and his or her health long term. Ear molding is non-invasive and the difference can be seen in a matter of weeks.

Ear Molding Procedure

shape the ear from a deformed state

In addressing an ear deformity in a newborn, a correction procedure called ear molding is utilized. The ear is molded by an external device placed on the ear itself. It works to shape the ear from a deformed state to that of normal shape and size. The technology used at Arc Plastic Surgery is that of the EarWell system. In fact, Dr. White was named physician of the week by EarWell in 2016. This is proven effective, preventing discussions to approach the deformity later on in childhood.

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Why this Matters

In correcting the ear deformity at infancy, the impacts are two-fold:

  • First, the ear becomes a regularly-shaped body part, allowing for normal growth and development in the child. Ear deformity improves in 95% of newborns who are appropriate candidates for ear molding.
  • The second benefit could almost be considered emotional and psychological; when the ear is corrected early, self-esteem issues and bullying are less likely to occur with children who do not have facial deformities. When the procedure is not performed, the child may be subject to ridicule once he or she is school age.

For the healthy emotional and physical development of your baby, consider a consultation regarding their ear deformity with the respected and qualified staff at ARC Plastic Surgery. We can help you do what’s the very best for your child. Give us a call today.

Non-Invasive Ear Molding for Newborns

Patient Testimonials

What our clients have to say…

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When our daughter was born, we instantly noticed that her ear was a little deformed. We asked our pediatrician on our first visit, two days after she was born and he recommended Dr. White. We came here, he was very friendly, the staff was very friendly. Everyone was super helpful. They put a mold on her ear. He told us that we could expect maybe some soreness, to hold it in for three weeks that we couldn’t get it wet. The whole process was very easy. My daughter never complained and never cried. We never put her to sleep on the side where her mold was, she always slept on the other side. When bathing her, I just made sure when washing her hair, not to touch the ear. Everything was very easy and when we came back after three weeks, they took it out. She has no sores, nothing! The ear looked perfect. We are very happy with our results. We recommend any parent who has any question about the ear of their child to bring them to Dr. White because it can be fixed. The sooner you bring them the better. It is very easy, they don’t suffer, and they don’t feel it. She didn’t even notice she had it on. She looks great now.

My daughter Chloe was born with one ear that was protruding a bit out, it was a bit misshaped, it was pretty noticeable and we started researching and trying to find out what would help her. So one day, she wouldn’t be teased and wouldn’t have to hide her ear. My husband and I did some research and we came across Dr. White. We had the EarWell on her for about 10 weeks. We saw progress right away. Very quick progress! We are forever grateful to Dr. White because right now her ear looks fantastic. It is beautiful, it doesn’t protrude anymore, the shape is great. I think it should stay and she will be happy. Thanks Dr. White, we love you!

I am grateful for the care, patience, and compassion extended to me throughout the ear mold process. I remember feeling quite upset when the ear molds were initially placed on my daughter, and the office manager, Rachel, was so kind and reassuring. As a new mom, it was difficult to watch a doctor perform any procedure on my baby, even one as benign as affixing the ear molds. Dr. White was calm and gentle with both my baby and with me. Admittedly, it took time for me to adjust to the thought of her wearing the molds for six weeks without removing them. I thought, "Ugh, these molds will be in SO many pictures." Even though those superficial thoughts flooded my mind initially, I knew it was my parental duty. I wanted her to grow up with ears she would be proud to feature with any hairstyle her heart desired. Fortunately, the molds gave her zero discomfort, and in the end, the results were clear. The shape of her ears were truly transformed. Plus, I have walked away feeling proud of the decision I made for my daughter.

We just finished the EarWell procedure on our baby because he had protruding ears. We hesitated to start because we didn't wanna put our little one through it but now we could not be happier that we did it. The results were amazing, and it did not bother him one bit. He will thank us for life! Dr. White and his team are amazing and made the experience very enjoyable.
-Estela Truzman

We felt really comfortable and welcomed. The entire stuff was friendly and kind. But let’s talk about the results! Omg!!! I wish I had this done on my self when I was born! The difference is beyond speech, was comfortable in my daughter and easy. I would totally recommend this procedure to everyone who needs it, cause definitely is a game changing to your child life!
-Carolina Grullon

When my son was born he had very pointy ears and I was extremely worried that he would be bullied growing up. I immediately started looking for ways to help him and came across Dr. White. When I called the staff was so kind and helpful. They immediately got us in and were very accommodating. We were more than pleased with the results of ear molding and wouldn’t recommend anyone else. If you are looking for a Doctor who cares and goes above and beyond give Dr.White a call.
-Makenzie Hanlin

The doctor and staff was amazing and we are very thankful with them. My baby will be very happy in the future when he see the after and before of his ear. Appreciate!

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Candidate babies for non-surgical ear molding with EarWell are children who are less than 6 weeks old and have all of the parts of the outer ear intact, but the shape is either floppy at the top or protruding too much. This environment for molding is most ideal when started in the first or second week of life and when the baby is breastfeeding. Unfortunately, many parents are told that the ear deformity will correct itself, but this is true in only 1 out of 3 babies and by the time that parents and pediatricians figure this out, it is often too late to perform ear molding. Once the time window for molding passes, the only other option is cosmetic otoplasty (ear pinning surgery), which Dr. White delays until the child is 5 years old to allow for full ear growth and development. The best course of action is to visit us for a consultation as early as possible to achieve the best results.

Ear molding treatment is most successful when started during the first three weeks of life. Dr. White has performed the procedure with success on some slightly older newborn babies with the understanding that the results might not be as dramatic, the molding process is longer, and it is often more difficult to keep the molding devices in place.

During the first few days of life, the newborn’s elevated estrogen hormone levels make the baby’s ear cartilage malleable, creating a privileged time when ear molding is possible. Studies have demonstrated that 1 out of every 3 newborns are born with some type of ear deformity. Although 30% of these deformities will self-correct, there is no scientific method for predicting which ones will self-correct. The EarWell system that Dr. White uses is a non-invasive adhesive appliance that he modifies to apply pressure to specific areas of the ear and mold the ear into an anatomically correct shape. Recent research has demonstrated that the traditional molding period of 6-8 weeks can be reduced to 2 weeks by starting EarWell in the first 48 hours of life. Another study, which was presented at the 2012 Academy of Pediatrics meeting, demonstrated that parents found the treatment process to be easy and did not sense that their children were uncomfortable.

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