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Many people are dismayed to see the early signs of age appearing on the neck. The delicate, fine neck skin begins to have lines, creases, and sagging skin, leaving you looking older and less attractive. A neck lift, when performed by our double-board certified plastic surgeon, can restore a youthful contour to your neck, addressing and resolving lines, fatty deposits, creases, excess skin, and vertical bands.

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a custom surgical procedure, and every person has different degrees of sagging, wrinkling, or pockets of excess fat. The procedure may include surgical excision of sagging skin, liposuction, or added procedures such as skin resurfacing to address pigmentation issues, while smoothing and firming the neck area. Many patients want to correct flaws such as a double chin, sagging jowls, or lack of definition to create a more youthful, refined neck contour.

Types of Neck Lifts

There are three general types of neck lifts. Each is performed to achieve certain corrections. The procedures are:

  • Liposuction: This procedure extracts excess fat and is used in addition to a surgical procedure or as a single procedure for younger patients with a high level of skin elasticity. Used to address a double chin or excess fat on the neck, it can create a more attractive contour simply by removing the excess fat.
  • Cervicoplasty: This surgical procedure trims and firms the neck structure by removing excess skin and fat and tightening the underlying muscle structure.
  • Platysmaplasty: This procedure is performed when the neck has developed vertical bands, “turkey neck,” a double chin, and fatty jowls. This procedure is an excellent way to rejuvenate the entire zone.

Recovery Time After Neck Lift Surgery

As a neck lift is a surgical procedure, you will need to plan for one to two weeks off work. After surgery, you will need a friend or member of your family to stay with you. The first stages of healing are the most difficult, but any pain will be managed with prescription medication. You will be spending time in bed resting and recuperating for the first few days.

Bruising and swelling are common, and not concerning. Your body is working to heal, and you need to help it along by carefully following all aftercare instructions we provide. We monitor our patients during recovery and will see you at your first post-op appointment typically the day after surgery.

Why Come to ARC Plastic Surgeons for your Neck Lift in Miami?

Dr. Jeremy White is one of Miami’s premier plastic surgeons and known for his surgical excellence. Along with his artistry and skill in performing plastic surgery, he is committed to compassionate care. He is the recipient of many awards and honors, including the “Doctor’s Choice Award Miami,” listed as a “RealSelf Top 500,” and has a 5-star rating on HealthGrades.com and RealSelf.com. When choosing a plastic surgeon, it is vital that you have full confidence that your face (or neck) is going to be treated by a highly-skilled surgeon – the results will be with you for years.

Premier Miami Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jeremy White

While all board-certified plastic surgeons have devoted many years to medical training, they vary in innate ability and artistry. Dr. Jeremy White is recognized as a premier Miami plastic surgeon and has exceptional qualifications. His total mastery of advanced surgical techniques that produce the most attractive results has made him one of the most trusted, sought-after plastic surgeons in Miami. Having completed two residencies, one in plastic and reconstructive surgery and the other in otolaryngology, Dr. White possesses a breadth of knowledge rarely found in a single surgeon.

Maintaining Your Look

After neck lift surgery, you want to maintain your rejuvenated look. To keep your skin looking its best and avoid further damage for longer, it is important that you avoid gaining excess weight and care for your skin properly. Always cover your skin with sunblock to avoid further damage. We can guide you to the most effective products to use. Many of our patients are so thrilled with the results that they find they are far more active socially and are inspired to live a healthier lifestyle.

Neck Lift Surgery: Beautiful, Natural-Looking Results

A neck lift can dramatically improve your appearance, making you look years, or even decades younger, depending upon the extent of the sagging and drooping. Unfortunately, excess skin and fat under the chin will make you look heavier, and are almost impossible to resolve without surgery -- particularly when the skin has lost its youthful elasticity. Dr. White will spend all the time you need to answer your questions and concerns, and to evaluate your neck and skin to determine how to best enhance your appearance. You can expect to be treated with warmth, kindness, and discretion.

The goal of the surgery is to have your friends, family, and colleagues comment on how good you look, without knowing you had surgery. Achieving a truly natural improvement requires skill, artistry, and knowledge of the latest surgical methods. Connect with us at ARC Plastic Surgery in Miami, and let’s have a conversation about our advanced anti-aging treatments, including a surgical neck lift, or other option. We have them all.

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