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The Secret to Getting the Body You've Always Wanted

Looking to improve your body shape and achieve a more youthful appearance? A body lift in Miami, FL, may be the answer. This comprehensive procedure can help to tighten loose skin, contour the torso and thighs, and improve the overall appearance of your body.

Body Lift at ARC Plastic Surgery

A body lift is a perfect way to achieve a more toned look, especially after substantial weight loss. Sometimes working out isn't enough to achieve the results you desire. That's where a body lift comes in. At ARC Plastic Surgery, we strive to deliver the best body lift Miami has to offer. Dr. White is a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon who can help you achieve your desired look.

What is a body lift?

A body lift is a surgical procedure that can help improve the body's appearance by tightening skin and removing excess tissue. It can be used to treat areas of the body that have been affected by weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. Body lifts can be performed on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, upper back rolls, and arms. The exact procedure will vary depending on the area being treated.

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Benefits of a Body Lift

A body lift can have a number of benefits, both physical and psychological. The procedure can help tighten loose skin, improving the body's appearance and making patients feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Other ways you can benefit from a body lift:

  • Improve the contour and shape of your body
  • Remove excess skin that may be causing pain or irritation
  • Decrease the appearance of stretch marks
  • Improve how your clothes fit
  • Boost your self-confidence and quality of life
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Am I a candidate for a body lift?

You may be a good candidate for a body lift if you have loose, saggy skin that affects your quality of life.

The procedure can treat many areas of the body, including the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, upper back, and arms. Some things that may disqualify you from having a body lift include:

  • Active infections or open wounds
  • Allergies to anesthesia or other medications
  • Excessive bleeding disorder
  • Heart disease or other cardiovascular conditions

Body Lift Consultation and Preparation

Our Miami body lift patients will have a consultation with the surgeon to discuss their goals for the procedure. They will examine your skin and assess the amount of excess tissue. They will also talk to you about any medical conditions that could affect the surgery or your recovery.

Preparing for a body lift may include:

  • Avoiding sun exposure or using sunscreen to prevent tanning
  • Eating a healthy diet and staying hydrated
  • Avoiding nicotine products for three weeks before and after surgery
  • Getting a medical clearance from your primary care doctor
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Body Lift Procedure

Body lifts usually involve making incisions in strategic locations so that excess skin can be removed and the remaining skin can be pulled tight. In some cases, liposuction may also be used to remove pockets of fat. Body lifts can be performed as standalone procedures or in combination with other cosmetic surgeries, such as breast lifts or tummy tucks.

Body Lift Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

The body lift results can be very dramatic and help patients achieve a more youthful and toned appearance. The results are usually long-lasting but may be affected by weight gain or pregnancy. Our Miami body lift patients should maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight to ensure that the results of their body lifts are not diminished.

Recovery from a body lift may take several weeks. You will need to take it easy for the first few days and avoid strenuous activity. You will also need to wear compression garments to help with swelling and support your incisions as they heal. After about two weeks, you should be able to return to your normal activities.

Following your surgeon's instructions for aftercare is essential to ensure a successful recovery. This may include wearing compression garments, avoiding sun exposure, and taking care of your incisions. You should also avoid smoking, as it can impede healing.

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Why ARC Plastic Surgery?

ARC Plastic Surgery is a well-sought-after clinic - and for a good reason - they were awarded the 2021 Doctor's Choice Award for Best Cosmetic Surgery and Castle Connolly top plastic surgeon in Miami award each year since 2017. Dr. White is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with years of experience performing body lift procedures.

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If you're interested in learning more about body lift surgery, contact ARC Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation. Dr. White and his team will work with you to help you achieve your desired results. You can reach us by calling (305) 501-2000.

Body Lift FAQs

Patients typically report discomfort after a body lift, which is usually manageable with pain medication.

Like anything, there are risks like infection, bleeding, and scarring. But these risks are relatively low and can be managed with proper aftercare.

Most body lift procedures take 3-4 hours to complete, though this will vary depending on the extent of work being done.

No, a body lift will not make you lose weight. However, it can help you achieve a more toned and youthful appearance.

A body lift is a relatively permanent procedure. However, results may be affected by weight gain or pregnancy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight is important to ensure that the results of your body lift are not diminished.

The cost of a body lift will vary depending on the extent of work being done and the individual surgeon. It is essential to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to get an accurate estimate.

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