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Miami Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Miami

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure in which a saline or silicone prosthesis is surgically placed under the breast tissue, or beneath the chest muscle, to enhance breast fullness. Our breast implants Miami can also provide a minor lifting effect to drooping breasts and improve the balance of your figure. Advances in modern medicine have made breast augmentation safer than ever, with extremely natural-looking results.

It is important that breast augmentation is not confused with a breast lift. A breast augmentation will not correct severely droopy or saggy breasts. In some cases, patients choose to have both surgeries at one time, but your plastic surgeon will advise you of the best way to move forward to get the result you envision in perky, rounded, healthy-looking breasts.

To get the breasts that you want and deserve, consider having breast surgery, commonly called breast augmentation surgery. Learn more about the surgery and how Dr. Jeremy White at ARC Plastic Surgery in Miami can help.

How to decide if Breast Augmentation is right for you

With our Miami breast implants, there is no “typical” patient. Women of all ages choose this surgery for many reasons, sometimes to improve self-esteem, to restore the breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding, or to correct an asymmetrical breast.

There are some things you should ask yourself about breast implant surgery to help you determine if you’re a good candidate for breast augmentation, such as:

  • Do I feel self-conscious about my small breasts and want them to be larger?
  • Do I have clothes that fit well around my hips, but not around my bust?
  • Are my breasts smaller, and less perky, after having children or losing weight?
  • Are my breasts noticeably uneven, creating an odd appearance that I feel I must hide?

If you answered any of these questions with a definitive yes, you are probably a good candidate for breast augmentation. We suggest a consultation with a highly-skilled plastic surgeon to advise you of the best way to move forward in beautifying your bust area.

Breast Implants Miami

What is the Keller Funnel

The Keller Funnel was invented by Dr. Kevin M. Keller. This device allows a wide range of cup sizes and various types of silicone breast implants to be inserted in a non-invasive way that requires no skin contact by the surgeon. This greatly reduces the risk on any complication form the surgery and is why Dr. White uses it.

  • It prevents the breast implants from touching the skin
  • This breast augmentation technique can reduce tissue trauma
  • A shorter incision is possible
  • The technique lowers the revision rate

What to ask yourself before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Before having the procedure, you should sit down with your plastic surgeon and go over all the details of your Miami breast implants surgery. Your surgeon will listen to your needs and what you envision in size, shape, and projection of the breast, as well as any issues associated with nipple appearance, and create a customized treatment plan for you.

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions Dr. White hears from patients about plastic surgery and our breast augmentation Miami.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to get breast augmentation?

Most elective breast surgery should be performed only after breast development is complete. This means at least 18 years old for most women, but it should be noted that breasts continue to change in size and shape with age and pregnancies. Saline implants have FDA approval for patients 18 years of age or older. For silicone breast implants, FDA approval is for 22 years or older. Both options are available for breast reconstruction for women of any age.

How will I choose my breast implant size?

There is no concrete answer for what size breast implant should be chosen, as breast size is a personal preference, depending upon your wishes and what you consider to be ideal for you. In some cases, there are potential anatomical limitations associated with the amount of preexisting breast and skin tissue, and the degree of stretch that your unique skin can tolerate.

Dr. White spends time with each patient during consultation using a specialized breast implant sizing kit to help choose the best breast implant range, based on the factors of breast width, existing tissue and the elasticity of your individual skin.

How are breast implants inserted?

The two most commonly used practices for performing breast augmentation surgery are either an incision at the bottom of the breast (called an inframammary fold) or an incision at the bottom of the areola (called periareolar).

In some instances, implants can be placed through the armpit or belly button, but these incision sites create more limitations related to implant size, type, and control of the final location. The inframammary approach, which uses an incision at the lower fold of the breast, is the most commonly used incision and is well hidden under the breast mound. This method provides the plastic surgeon control and flexibility with implant pocket creation and device placement.

What is the cost of breast augmentation?

In the practice of cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation cost ranges from $4,500 to $5,500 for an initial procedure. This cost itself includes the cost of the certified surgery center, the board-certified anesthesiologists, breast implants and other surgical materials, and the services of your board-certified plastic surgeon.

For tubular breast deformities or breast revision surgeries, the procedure requires more time and surgical complexity. As a completely different surgery that requires added skill and materials in the procedure, the cost is higher at a range of $6,500 to $10,500.

It is important to remember that breast augmentation is an elective surgery, which means insurance usually won’t cover it. If you have questions, speak with your insurance provider.

Which implant should I select: saline or silicone?

The decision to choose saline or silicone implants is an individual choice, and we ensure that you can make an educated decision. Saline implants are typically less expensive and can achieve a lovely breast augmentation for most women, with a low risk of capsular contracture (tightening of tissue around the implant). In a woman who does not have enough breast tissue thickness, however, saline may create the appearance of rippling in the breast; saline can also feel unnatural in these cases of low breast tissue.

Silicone implant technology has advanced tremendously over the years. These implants are safe, and feel like natural breast tissue. Silicone implants have some risk of capsular contracture, but the latest generation of implants has improved on this point. The facts are that capsular contracture is not caused by the implants, but the result of bacteria entering the breast implant pocket. With correct, safe surgical procedures, the risks of capsule development are significantly decreased. Dr. White also tries to minimize the chances of any bacteria getting onto the breast implant by using a Keller Funnel, which enables him to place the implant through a smaller incision without ever touching the implant.

I want to get breast implants. What size do you think that is not to small or too big?

There is no one answer for what size is too big or small. The size depends on your desires and your aesthetic ideals. There are also potential anatomic limitations having to do with how much breast tissue you have and how much stretch your skin can tolerate.

I had reconstructive surgery with silicone breast implants 20 years ago. Should they be replaced?

That depends on the implant. Breast implants are not meant to be life-long devices, which is why most companies guarantee them for only 10 years. If you have not had any problems (capsular contracture, leak, etc.) with your current implants and they have not been placed on recall (like the French PIP), I do not see a reason to remove them. You should continue to do self breast exams and get mammography to screen for cancer.

What causes Tuberous Breasts? What can be done about it?

The tuberous breast is a congenital malformation of the breasts that is thought to be caused by a constrictive ring of fascia around the breast tissue underneath the skin. This prevents the present tissue from expanding and developing properly and often leads to herniation of breast tissue through a large areola. There is a spectrum of how much this ring ends up restricting breast growth.

Treatment for tuberous breast depends on the amount of breast tissue present, the pliability of the soft tissue, and the breast shape. The constrictive ring is broken up by dissecting the breast tissue from the underlying muscle and making radial incision. This technique enables the breast tissue to lay in a more circular fashion. A nipple reduction is often an integral part of this surgery as is, at times, a breast lift.

The surgery can be done in one or two stages with or without a breast implant. Tissue expansion is sometimes necessary to prepare the breast envelope to receive an implant. The bottom line is that there are multiple ways to do this so we have to decide together what is the best way to help you achieve your goals when you come in for your physical examination.

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Dr. Jeremy White, at ARC Plastic Surgery in Miami, works with patients from Miami and around the world in performing life-changing breast augmentations. If you are interested in one of the best breast augmentation Miami has to offer, contact our friendly team to schedule your personal consultation.

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Breast Augementation in Miami

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