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Revision Facelift in Miami, FL

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Repair or Revitalize With A Naturally Youthful Look

Whether your initial facelift happened a decade or a year ago, dissatisfaction with the current state of your results might mean it is time to consider a revision facelift. Previous facelift patients may seek a revision due to either an aging facelift or dissatisfaction with the outcome of a previous procedure. At ARC Plastic Surgery, we strive to deliver the best revision facelifts Miami has to offer. A revision facelift by a qualified plastic surgeon can help you regain a smooth, lifted profile, defined jawline and neck, and get the improved outcome you desire and deserve.

Revision Facelift at ARC Plastic Surgery

At ARC Plastic Surgery, our goal is in our name—ageless, radiant, and confident. With Dr. Jeremy White’s specialized technique for performing revision facelifts for patients in Miami, FL, all of these goals are achievable. When seeking a revision facelift, it is especially important to find a highly qualified surgeon who has experience performing surgery on previously lifted tissues, Dr. White is a premier provider of the 3-dimensional SMAS facelift method and uses this advanced technique to craft superior results for his Miami revision facelift patients.

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What is a Revision Facelift?

A revision facelift is typically performed for one of two reasons. Patients who have already had a facelift procedure in the past may see new signs of aging emerging as time passes, with results often fading after about a decade. Instead of needing a second, full facelift, your plastic surgeon may make smaller adjustments during a revision to restore your results. In other cases, a revision may be needed sooner after a facelift that did not turn out the way you had hoped. Whatever the reason you are undergoing a revision facelift, the 3-dimensional SMAS technique used by Dr. White is highly customizable and can accommodate even the most challenging cases.

When is a Revision Facelift necessary?

You may be starting to see signs of aging like creases, wrinkles, sagging, or lack of volume reappear many years after your original surgery and feel that it’s time to see a smoother, younger look again. Or, you may have had recent facelift surgery and feel dissatisfied with the results. In either case, a revision facelift can help you get that refined, radiant look you’ll be excited to see in the mirror each morning. Revision facelift can:

  • Restore a natural-looking, youthful appearance
  • Address concerns that were not successful after a recent facelift
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Am I a candidate for a Revision Facelift?

We recommend waiting at least six months or preferably a year before opting for revision surgery to ensure that your initial results have fully settled. Good candidates should also understand that this procedure can carry more risks than your original surgery because the facial structures have already been adjusted.

Revision Facelift Consultation and Preparation

Dr. White will take plenty of time during a consultation to understand your reasons for needing a revision facelift and work to provide a custom-tailored treatment plan. If you both feel that this surgery is a good option for you, then preparation requirements and recovery will be discussed.

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Dr. White’s Revision Facelift Technique

The 3-D SMAS technique is so customizable because the skin and tissue are separated during the revision facelift surgery, which means that structures can be adjusted separately for precise placement. The deep layers of drooping fat and SMAS are trimmed, lifted, repositioned, or stacked in ways to artistically restore a youthful facial shape. Fat is typically harvested from the abdomen via tiny liposuction incisions, concentrated with its growth factors, and then injected into the cheeks, under eye tear trough, and sometimes the chin or anterior jawline. This avoids an overly tight or stretched appearance. This surgery takes about four hours and is typically performed under general anesthesia.

Revision Facelift Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

As with your initial facelift, you can expect to experience swelling and tenderness during the revision facelift recovery period. Most of our Miami revision facelift patients can resume regular daily activities after about two weeks. Dr. White will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to follow at home and check your recovery at a postoperative visit. Results should last about eight to ten years, depending on your skin’s elasticity.

Why Dr. White?

As a specialist in the 3-D SMAS revision facelift technique, Dr. Jeremy White is highly sought after in the Miami, FL, area. Dr. White is double board certified and has been recognized by publications such as Castle Connely, Florida Top Doctor, and RealSelf, among others. Organic-looking results that enhance, not detract from, your natural beauty are always the goal for Dr. White and his team. His commitment to excellence and advanced surgical techniques help him deliver these outcomes for his revision facelift patients every day.

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Yes, revision facelifts are commonly performed since signs of aging can begin to appear eight to ten years after an initial facelift. The need for revision due to a poorly performed facelift is a less common occurrence, affecting about five percent of facelift patients, often as the result of poor quality soft tissues or working with an inexperienced or unqualified surgeon. For these patients, a revision facelift offers a path to a better outcome.

As with any facelift surgery, revision facelift comes with the risk of rare side effects like infection, bleeding, adverse reaction to anesthesia, or unsatisfactory results. A revision facelift is a delicate procedure since the skin and tissues in the treatment area have already been manipulated once. That is why it is so important to seek a qualified surgeon for your revision facelift.

The cost of a revision facelift varies depending on the specific needs of the patient. This can be discussed at your consultation.

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If you’re considering plastic surgery in Miami, Aventura or Fort Lauderdale, choosing the right plastic surgeon could not be more important. Dr. Jeremy White is the recipient of many honors and awards, including the 2021 Doctor’s Choice Award Miami, the 2016 RealSelf Top 500, and the prestigious Castle Connolly Top Doctors Award Winner since 2017. We invite you to have a consultation about the procedure you need. Schedule your consultation today.

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