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Liposuction Provides Cosmetic Rejuvenation

Liposuction, a well-known procedure that removes fat directly from the body via suction, has come a long way in the years following its arrival on the cosmetic surgery scene. While liposuction is not the safest or healthiest way to lose weight, stubborn pockets of fat sometimes cling to people in certain areas, which can be augmented by surgery.

ARC Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Jeremy White, a plastic surgeon in Miami, FL, is now providing patients with a modernized and highly improved procedure, which provides doctors the ability to use the harvested fat to supplement other areas of the body which may be lacking in definition, such as the face or buttocks. With ARC, the procedure is safer, easier, and more modern than ever before.

Typically, liposuction works by injecting fluid into surgical areas, which helps to break the fat cells free of their surrounding structures. After that, the surgeon inserts a small, hollow tube, or “cannula,” into the body, which is used to suction the fat out. However, some modern improvements have been made in recent years—for instance, ultrasound-assisted liposuction (UAL) is a method where a cannula that emits ultrasound vibrations is used, which liquefies the fat as the cannula suctions it. This typically produces less bleeding and speeds recovery. There is also laser-assisted liposuction, which also reduces bleeding, bruising, or pockets of fluid, and mildly cauterizes.

Usually, recovery for liposuction is anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Initially, some patients experience some bruising, swelling, and sometimes nausea/fatigue, but typically can resume normal functioning in a few days. Side effects, while rather rare, include scars, temporary pain (which can be managed through medication), numbness, swelling, and bruising. Patients typically have to wear a compression garment for a short time afterwards as well.

Patients looking for plastic surgery in South Florida need look no further with ARC Plastic Surgery, that has a special ‘Fly In program’ for people who are looking for a way to maximize their vacation plans—by returning home rejuvenated. With this option, the promise of cosmetic surgery in Miami is now available to anyone in the United States.

Dr. Jeremy White, a resident surgeon at ARC Plastic Surgery and regarded as one of the best plastic surgeons in Miami, has also made several options for financing available to his patients, which can be found on ARC’s website. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, call (305) 501-2000 or visit

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If you’re considering plastic surgery in Miami, Aventura or Fort Lauderdale, choosing the right plastic surgeon could not be more important. Dr. Jeremy White is the recipient of many honors and awards, including the 2021 Doctor’s Choice Award Miami, the 2016 RealSelf Top 500, and the prestigious Castle Connolly Top Doctors Award Winner since 2017. We invite you to have a consultation about the procedure you need. Schedule your consultation today.

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