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Differences and Similarities Between Facial Injections

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One of the most common ways to reduce signs of wrinkles, lines and hollow cheeks is facial injection. There are many different brands and types of facial injections on the market and it can be arduous work to sift through all of them looking for the right fit. In this article we will compare the two main types of facial injections, neuromodulators and fillers, and look at the differences and similarities of each.

Botox and Other Neuromodulators

Botox is perhaps the most well known facial injection thanks to its prominent use by the celebrity community. As many know, Botox is a neuromodulator used to temporarily relax facial muscles and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles caused by facial movement or expression. Botox can be an excellent choice if you are looking to address problem areas like frown lines and crow’s feet. Dysport and Xeomin are also neurotoxins like Botox and offer similar results with only a few small differences. Dysport for example is a faster acting injection but may not have as long lasting effects as Botox. Xeomin is the newest neurotoxin to the US and is the purest form of botulinum toxin type A. Here are some quick facts about neuromodulators like Botox:

  • Best for smoothing wrinkles and lines due to facial expression.
  • Useful for age prevention and reduction.
  • Excellent safety record.
  • Short term effect, may need repeat injections to maintain look.
  • Fewer injections are required over time to maintain smoothness.

Facial Fillers

Facial fillers are another type of facial injection that reduce appearances of aging; but unlike Botox and and other neuromodulators, facial fillers decrease signs of aging by filling in lines and wrinkles and plumping out hollow areas from within. Since there are many different types of facial fillers, we have them broken up by main ingredient below:

  • Hyaluronic Acid
    • This includes brands like Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm and more.
    • Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in every organism.
    • These dermal fillers plump the skin to create volume and fullness.
    • Helpful for treating differing problem areas based on consistency of the product.
    • Lasts anywhere from 6-12 months.
  • Autologous Cellular Product
    • Brand name LAVIV.
    • Autologous (your own) cells are used to fill in hollows.
    • First, and so far the only, FDA approved personal cell therapy for cosmetic use.
    • Great for smile lines.
    • Usually lasts at least a year.
  • Polylactic Acid
    • This filler is known by the brand name Sculptra.
    • Helps your body build collagen in some areas as well as filling in hollows and lines.
    • Slow-working but long-lasting results.
  • Synthetic Fillers
    • Synthetic fillers such as Radiesse offer a firmer filling than hyaluronic compounds.
    • Powerful filler for cheekbones and jawlines.
    • FDA approved for smiles lines and chin wrinkles etc.
    • Made of calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres.
  • Fat Injection
    • Fat injection or grafting is a surgical procedure.
    • Utilizes pure fat cells from an area of the body such as the thigh.
    • Often requires multiple injections.
    • Surviving fat is permanent.
    • Often used to fill out lips.

Although there are many different options for facial injections there is often one that is perfect for the specific problem area and for your body. Give our Miami Plastic Surgery Clinic a call today at 305-697-5901 or reach us on our contact page and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about the right facial injection for you.

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