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Five Things to Keep in Mind After Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation surgery is a substantial commitment that could have benefits beyond increasing your breast size. However, the surgery poses factors to consider. For example, a few of the five things to keep in mind after breast augmentation include a lengthy recovery, steps for preserving your enhancements, and how your results could change over time.

Breast augmentation benefits could balance your body proportions and boost your self-confidence. Reach out to a skilled Miami plastic surgeon to learn more about the essential factors you need to consider to better your recovery time and results.

What Do Patients Need to Know About Recovering After the Procedure?

  1. Because it is an invasive procedure, there is a demanding recovery period to consider after breast augmentation surgery. Typically, patients return to work and light-impact activities after one to two weeks but have moderate side effects during this time. For instance, swelling, bruising, tenderness, and soreness are prevalent side effects during the initial weeks of recovery.
  2. Additionally, it is essential to avoid excess pressure on the chest during the recovery period, as it may disrupt the healing process. Activities within this category include sleeping on the chest, heavy lifting, and lifting the arms above the shoulders. It is also vital to take care of any incisions during this period to prevent infections, worsen scarring, and more.
  3. Full recovery after breast augmentation surgery may take six to eight weeks before strenuous activities are safe to resume. If medical complications occur, such as capsular contracture or implant rupture, revision surgery may be required.
  4. Though breast implants can dramatically enhance breast size, shape, and volume, implants may change over time. For instance, some actions and environmental aspects may shorten the lifespan of implants, including smoking and excessive skin exposure, which break down collagen in the skin. Breast sagging worsens significantly in these cases due to decreased skin laxity, making revision surgery necessary for those patients.
  5. Individuals who get larger breast implants are at a higher risk for worsening breast sagging due to the added weight. However, breast implants change over time as the body ages, sometimes resulting in cosmetic breast changes such as skin rippling and breast implants shifting positions. Therefore, one of the most vital factors to consider after a breast augmentation procedure is that enhancements and implants are not permanent and could change after several years.

Learn More About the Five Factors to Remember After Breast Augmentation

Though there are several considerations after surgery, these five things to remember after breast augmentation surgery could quicken your recovery time and ensure the best possible results. Most importantly, breast augmentation patients need to be prepared for their enhancements to change over time, especially after pregnancy, weight gain, and aging.

After the necessary six to eight weeks of recovery, many breast augmentation patients enjoy the benefits for several years without complications. Reach out for a breast augmentation consultation to talk with a skilled cosmetic surgeon about essential concerns and your candidacy for surgery.

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