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Rhinoplasty in BOCA RATON

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Nose surgery, also called rhinoplasty, is a popular procedure for anyone who suffers from a less-than-perfect nose. Many of our Boca Raton patients turn to Dr. Jeremy White to correct an oversized nose, a too-small nose, a nose that’s been injured, and many other conditions. At ARC Plastic Surgery we strive to give our patients the best Rhinoplasty Boca Raton has to offer, so that we can restore harmony to your face and give you a beautiful, symmetrical look that boosts your self-confidence.


a customized surgical procedure

For our standard Rhinoplasty Boca Raton patients get a customized surgical procedure that can address virtually anything you feel is wrong with your nose, including:

  • Smoothing out humps on the nasal bridge
  • Reducing the width of your nostrils
  • Creating a more feminine or masculine nasal tip
  • Reducing the size of a bulbous nasal tip
  • Straightening a bent or crooked nose
  • Correct a deviated septum

Many people who suffer from breathing difficulties opt to undergo rhinoplasty as a solution for widening their nasal passages or repairing the damage that impedes their breathing. Such corrective surgery is also often combined with cosmetic techniques to enhance the appearance of the nose.

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Revision Rhinoplasty

a premier facial plastic surgeon

If you’ve had an earlier nose surgery that produced unsatisfactory results, our revision rhinoplasty may be the answer. As a premier facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeremy White is often called upon to correct poorly-performed nose surgeries, as well as repairing noses of those who suffered an injury after undergoing rhinoplasty. For patients in Boca Raton Revision rhinoplasty takes an extra level of skill to ensure that the delicate tissues of the nose are corrected without creating further damage.

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Why choose Dr. Jeremy White for nose surgery?

an ideal choice for your rhinoplasty procedure

As a rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Jeremy White has been helping people to get the noses of their dreams for decades. His double board-certification as a plastic surgeon and head and neck surgeon make him an ideal choice for your Boca Raton rhinoplasty procedure. When you arrive at our clinic, we will give you a comprehensive examination and provide a tailor-made procedure – it can be life-changing.

What are the benefits of Rhinoplasty?

fantastic benefits of rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty helps people who are self-conscious about their nose. If you look at your nose in the mirror every day and wish it was different, then Dr. Jeremy White can help. Some of the fantastic benefits of rhinoplasty include:

  • Straightened nasal bridge
  • Smaller nasal tip
  • More feminine looking nostrils
  • More masculine-looking nose
  • Greater facial harmony
  • Boosted self-confidence

The results from rhinoplasty can be life-changing, creating balance and harmony among your features. Dr. Jeremy White uses a minimalist approach to provide subtle results that accomplish your goals without radically altering your appearance.

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Am I a candidate for Rhinoplasty?

Ideal Candidates

Candidates for nose surgery include those who:

  • Desire a straighter nasal bridge
  • Would like a more feminine or masculine nose
  • Would like to reduce the size of their nose
  • Would like to enhance the shape of their nose
  • Are in good health
  • Are non-smokers
  • Have realistic expectations

Recovery from Rhinoplasty

final results may take up to six months

Depending on the extent of your surgery, full recovery from nose surgery takes up to six weeks. During the first week, you will wear a supportive splint and bandages around your nose. After two weeks, most of the swelling and bruising will have subsided, and you may feel ready to start showing off your new nose. While you heal, you will have to sleep with your head elevated to prevent excess swelling. You will also have a step-by-step care regimen to follow to ensure that your nose stays clean and protected as it heals. After Rhinoplasty Boca Raton patients find that final results may take up to six months to appear as your nose settles into its final shape.

Your new life starts here

If you’re considering plastic surgery in Miami, Aventura or Fort Lauderdale, choosing the right plastic surgeon could not be more important. Dr. Jeremy White is the recipient of many honors and awards, including the 2021 Doctor’s Choice Award Miami, the 2016 RealSelf Top 500, and the prestigious Castle Connolly Top Doctors Award Winner since 2017. We invite you to have a consultation about the procedure you need. Schedule your consultation today.

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