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What is different about Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Every procedure for a nose job is different. This is especially true when dealing with patients from many different cultures who have different ideals of beauty and present with different surgical problems. Nowadays, we see patients from all over the world and some of these patients have varied parental lineage, which leads to noses that have features that are characteristic of multiple different cultures simultaneously. Regardless of how the nose appears before surgery, Dr. White spends a lot of time with his patients to understand their own personal ideals of beauty and rhinoplasty goals without pushing any kind of “standard” nose. In the end, the idea behind ethnic rhinoplasty is to refine a nose to fit the face in a manner that is more aesthetically pleasing to the patient and is well balanced with the rest of the patient’s facial features.

Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

Many individuals who hail from Middle Eastern families have noticed that their nose may be a bit larger than they would like. A drooping nasal tip and a bump on the nasal bridge (dorsum) is common amongst those with Middle Eastern heritage. Unfortunately, many feel their self-confidence is lacking when they see their large nose in a mirror so ethnic rhinoplasty is an excellent option to refine the nose into a straighter and smaller shape.

African-American Rhinoplasty

Every nose is as unique as the individual attached to it. Some, however, feel that their nose is too large for their face, or perhaps they simply don’t like the shape or tilt to their nose. In this case, finding a plastic surgeon who specializes in ethnic rhinoplasty can truly benefit your self-confidence and appearance. The African American nose is quite varied, which means it requires special techniques to correctly fix. Some of the more common requests from our African American rhinoplasty patients are to increase the projection and narrow the nasal bridge, narrow increase the projection of the nasal tip, and to narrow the nostrils. African American patients tend to have thick nasal skin so this surgery requires a lot of cartilage grafting to increase the nasal tip support.

Asian Rhinoplasty

For many of Asian descent, the nose is quite different from Western noses, which means that completing the procedure requires special techniques. Many Asians have short nasal bones, depressed bridges, short noses, and wide nasal tips with flaring nostrils, which can prove to be quite different from the rest of their facial features. Many patients simply want a nose that fits their own personal style and appearance, conforming to their other facial features in a more pleasing manner. Asian rhinoplasty, very much like African American rhinoplasty, usually requires the addition of cartilage to the nose to change the shape. This produces refinements of the nose without removing the structural support that is already lacking under this thick skin.

Latin Rhinoplasty

For Latin or Hispanic patients, wide nostrils, thick sebaceous skin, broadnasal bases, and tips are quite common issues that many would like to see fixed when they undergo ethnic rhinoplasty. This patient subset does not typically have the nasal dorsum (bridge) projection deficiency that some of the other ethnicities have so they may also present with a nasal hump on the bridge. As with all of the nasal shapes that were discussed, each patient presents with his or her own unique nasal anatomy and aesthetic ideals. Our goal at ARC Plastic Surgery is to take those dreams and make them a reality!

Ethnic Rhinoplasty FAQ

What is involved in a rhinoplasty procedure?

In an ethnic rhinoplasty, like other nose job procedures, small incisions are made to access the cartilage and tissue of the nose. Then, the nasal tip, bridge, and nostrils are modified to achieve a more desirable shape and size. Your nose can be shaped by removing cartilage or tissue, or cartilage grafts can be used to add volume if necessary. Once the procedure is complete, the incisions are carefully closed.

Will I have visible scars from my Miami ethnic rhinoplasty procedure?

Whenever possible, incisions are made inside the nose to eliminate the risk of visible scars. If your situation requires any incisions from the outside of the nose structure, they are placed in discreet locations and the advanced techniques utilized by Dr. White ensure that any outward scars will be virtually imperceptible.

How long is recovery after a rhinoplasty procedure?

Healing time can vary based on the extent of the changes made to your nose. You will likely only need approximately one week off work, and you will be given antibiotics and pain medication to make your recovery easier. As your nose settles into its new form, you will see the more flattering shape appear.

What results can I expect from ethnic rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty typically yields dramatic results. Modifying the shape of your nose can improve symmetry and balance with your other facial features. Of course, during ethnic rhinoplasty Dr. White ensures that your features remain unique to you and to your cultural background.

How can ARC Plastic Surgery in Miami help me with ethnic rhinoplasty?

Dr. Jeremy White is not only a board-certified plastic surgeon, but has focused his practice upon specific cosmetic and reconstructive procedures on the face and neck. He is a trusted, experienced plastic surgeon whose advanced surgical techniques and deep understanding of performing ethnic rhinoplasty procedures have led to him becoming one of the most sought-after nose surgeons in the Miami area. Schedule an initial consultation today!

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